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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  August 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> right now at 11:00. "fox5" learned one of the missing sailors in the u.s.s. john mccain disaster is from the d.c. area. police and crews shut down a condo complex tonight because of dangerous conditions and what's next for the people who lost their homes. >> former lgbt gang members once resorted to violence and now changed themselves to entrepreneurs. >> the news at 11 starts rights now. >> and we begin with developing story. u.s.s. mccain crash hitting close to home and "fox5" lrpd a sailor from maryland and sailor from virginia are among missing after navy ship collided with oil tasker on monday. >> electronics technician second class kevin bushels are gaithersburg is one of ten sailors missing and killed after tanker crashed with a ship off the coast of
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third class kenith smith grew up in michigan and moved to norfolk as a teenager. >> visitors believed the warship sxeern aid steering issue before the crash. the u.s. navy dismissed commander of the fleet for loss of competence in his ability to leave and under vice admiral's watch 17 sailors died in four collisions since beginning of this year and also tonight a temple hills kontd owe bu building is empty. the nearly 100 people that live there are all ow out of their homes tonight. >> they had until 7 p.m. to get out after fire maybe shall deemed it unsafe. marina marraco is live at the complex. marina, everybody out now. >> certain out, shawn, you can see me the parking lot is all clear no carbs left behind every single person that lived in the building was cleared and prince george county police went door to door making sure she didn't leave out the lynnhill
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>> you can obtain assistance by calling the following phone number. >> and throughout the day and afternoon social services on happened to make sure re remaining residents found a place to stay the next and residents long battled it out over living companies and this came it a head last year when management owed the condition near 100 million. it's been on and off following and the building deemed unsafe prince george county fire chief made the call to evacuate buy residents today and police department and here on hand to help enforce that order and you can imagine tengs were high and despite that one arrest a woman suspected of robbery. residents hoping to know definitively where they'll be living in the long term. >> tomorrow i come back and ganler wrist of my belongings. >> will you have somewhere t
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sleep tomorrow night. >> at the hotel if they allow us to stay there we stay there. >> i have the safety. it's all understandable. but work with us not against us. give us more time to get out of here. we want to go we want to comply but give us more time. >> you can see prince george county police officers on hand keeping out luders or any resident that want to come back overnight. residents with valid id and proof of residents be allowed back on the property any time from 10 to 7:00 at night. that's coming days in order to retreat their belongings. marina marraco, "fox5 local news". >> new tonight frightening moments for a young mother and child in the district after a child was locked in a safe. the m
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cellphone store here in the 2300 block of pennsylvania avenue and the child wander off and somehow got locked inside the 120r's safe. it took crews or 7 minutes to get the child out and they took him to the hospital as a precaution also new video from the d.c. radio station rabd overnight. someone stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment and window and door were also smashed. police have not made any arrests and station has a go fund me page and hopes to raise 15,000 to replace the stolen items railroad make repairs she said right now it's more than. >> a member of the facie fax country man philip and barbara butler in 1977 they found a burning cross on their lawn baca long drake street in college park. "fox5"
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that revealed william aitcheson was responsible for the crime and convicted as misdemeanor in the terror. butch lor's sued aitcheson for what he did he was to pay them,000 in restitution and never got that money or polyfrom the priest. >> i wept to the door and it was like wow. really where did this come from. >> what did you do to put [ inaudible ] cross in the yard. father aitcheson knows he deservesive got family an apology and we meet up with them. >> covering larger -- coming two days after city council umentsly voted to cover
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many people watching cheered which was completely covered and dad vote cae with me ron. >> one counter protester died. >> i feel like we should do a drum hol roll the winning numbers for powerball is 6, 7, 16, 23, 26, powerball is number 4. again those are winning numbers on your screen, 6, 7, 16, 23, 26, powerball is 4. >> lauren demarco live in l lez. any cheering or winners there perhaps or quiet. snoot here, they're about to close upshot and i have our list and looking through our tickets to see if we have anything in the "fox5" poll. ha
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seeing more of these huge jackpots lately. the answer is yes. and that is because in 2015 powerball tweaked the game and added ten more possible numbers. and that changed odds from one in 15 million to one in 292 million. so you have less of a chance of whipping and more drawings with no winter that means jackpots grows and grows wh whichen cases for mem to come out . >> money, money, money♪ ♪ ♪ >> we got a lot of people excited about it and some for years. >> this is my first time i am going to win it. >> this is one of the biggest things i've been involved with and it's good investment this two tickets? every time the jackpot his 80 million. >> i don't
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i good debt soft into the condo. >> if my husband wanted something i wouldn't change things straight away i like my job and he likes his job. >> i'll give to friends and charities. >> a house somewhere cool. >> that remains to be seep i have to keep that on the down low. >> i wouldn't have a job a anymore and find my own. >> clear up all my daughter credit cards and things off my back and maybe hurt. >> chance of winning so low that i fantasy apt clouds were fant. >> i think iowaian sounds nice. all i know if i win i want to be anonymous. that's why i buy tickets in maryland. in d.c. and virginia the names are made public. we are at tall
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>> big sales tonight. >> yes. >> eight times my normal night. >> look at his face, john, here he's skawingtsed and they're tired. i just want to put this on the record out there in the world that she purchased 15 tickets because he knew people would run in after machines closed 10 sure enough it happened he sold all of them to the people for kindness of his heart and each i told them if you win you better hook him up he's good samaritan. back to you guys. that was thoughtful of him to do that. >> it is. >> i would have had him write something down. >> he deserved a cut for sure. >> we should say best wish todz anybody out there if you win call me. i just want to do a story about you. >> that's all. >> that's all. >> coming up next the former fbi director has a new gig near a d.c. university. >>
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garden or passion. >> a rare up close look at incredible artwork at the national cathedral. sim years after earthquake rocked the east coast. >> and coming up tonight final five a tale of two trumps. catch the final 5 tonight at 11:30
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>> lightning caused a fire and a building long robin wood drive last night everyone inside made it out safely and the red cross is insisting 70 people find another place to stay. >> one of d.c. fire boats sank this morning docked on the south west water front of the boat typically used for water rescues is undergoing repairs. mechanical function cautioned the boat to go under. >> former fbi director james comey will deliver convocation address at howard university this fall part of series of
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university during am demic year and will be paid 100,000 and university scholar shl fund that supports students that come from foster homes. instead of fighting they're about fashion. check it was first lgbt gang they used to hang out gallery and china town. lindsey watts and they are done with violence done with crime and more than just wo words. they have put in the work. they're now opened their own kloming store in anacostia. >> i've been stabbed and s shot. >> this subject of this documentary film check it was brutsal d.c. street gang made of lgbt youth. >> i was all over the news back then
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and stealing. >> star bennett started check it years ago. >> dresses and jumpers and shorts. >> now she's helped transform it. >> we have a store and sell clothes and doing this and that's a good look for us. >> clothing store got off the ground this summer thanks to d.c. activist ron goldman. >> we're struggling but got there. >> star reached out to him after he swent to jill for assault and her sister nearly lost her legs in shooting i was 14 when i got shot and sitting on my mom's porch and i don't know where the shot came from. >> it's not what you want to do. >> check it. it's the only documented and known -- >> they rebanded check it from gang to fashion line. >> this is where we do everything we press this is pressing machine. >> they tell college in the store and on web. but it has not been a success story overnight. >> they've co
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and need a lot of support. even with this building you have the store. some people coming buy klonls and it's not support you think. if we get more support outside of d.c. than inside. >> documentary helped get the word out. big name row duceduces were involved in the film which showed not only violent street fights but struggles behind them. >> some of us came from homes that was for up and mothers and fathers on drugs and we all had to stick together and come together and be family for somebody else. >> as their business takes hold that family mentality is still here just with a different objective. >> now you check it, check it is doing good they have a documentary and stuff. our name came from bad to g good. >> and if you want more information on this store in anacostia or ordering clothes online we'll have that for you on the web site and details on the document
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three were involved in that and the film is available on itunes right nowment sarah, shawn. definitely worth a watch. today marks six years since earthquake rocked east coast. do you remember this. this was inside. national monument it took people at the top of the monument. quake did major damage there. and also to another d.c. landmark. national cathedral is still be prepared. there's a section for the restoration process. they added dog to the dismy and they were temporarily moved from the butting while crews repaired damage. not i'm just fascinating they are usually 15, 16 stories off the grouptd. now for a limited time you can keep this up close. >> we keep this signature for remind people people's memories
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lot of work left to do. >> they do have a lot of work. intier earthquake repairs 2015 and 80% of -- making repairs as donations come nxts cathedral raised 12 of the 22 million it needs to complete all of this work. >> wow. >> represent those beautiful. >> trump et cetera. trum trum et cetera. >> and say i know who that s i remember where i was that moment, sarah. >> i do, too. >> where were you. >> taking a nap i was working early morning shift and i'm like what is going on? is that a plane overhead. and then i realized this is not. >> i was at a hair salon in bethesda. you know fiperring up the blow dry and everything started shaking. i said wow that washing machine they' d
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in is more off balance than my own washing machine and mirrors will come outside and we'll he show you the buildings. 5.8 and it could happen again let's hope it doesn't. little ones are off and centered in virginia. tonight nice and quiet. no natural disasters to talk about. i will say this if harvey does what we think it might do headed to texas coast it's a depression now in the gulf of mexico. it may spread heavy rain to texas coast over the weekend and maybe as early as friday. meanwhile here in d.c. were so settled tonight it's we don't have much we have to keep an eye on here other than the fen only ter comfortable and cool and humidity is taking a day break but a multi-day break. you won'tness it sometimes next week and
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typical middle part of september we're calling it fall plea view. 6, upper 70s for weekend. it's a tropical depression and wherein it already has name is because remnants of system which was storm earlier over the weekend and it reagain rated and will lookly become a tropical storm and hurricane as early as tomorrow and worried about it because this storm is meandering north w ward. watch to see if we don't have hurricane watches along the coast. category huvr cane between brownsville and houston. there could be some incredibly heavy rain. these are areas that have seen a lot of rain. could be a foot or more and new orleans will have that much as well. if not tuesday then for wednesday. >> cooler air pushing through and putting up nice
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against heat in 50s and 6 0s as you no r know and 2 in district and lot of 60s out there. gaugeers burges, 64, mar martinsburg and 66 chester that 24 hour temperature chain pretty significant. 14 degrees cooler in leonardtown. it looks like we'll head for as i mentioned mid 50s and talk to them about time time. >> 04. cooler, sunny, nice, 80. as he continues to push on in we're held for 70s low 80s tomorrow 70s north and west and low 80s for the districtment more temperatures like this. even if cooler. will et cetera show you that on fox5 accuweather 7-day forecasts we expect to see upper 70s on saturday and we keep that going on sunday from monday. enjoy this beautiful
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b abe. very nice looking stretch of weather. hope you get out and enjoy it, sarah, shawn i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, see. coming up on fox mornings industries and plus a project runway model from baltimore and sole chefs shows you delicious ways to celebrate national waffle day. 4:25 a.m. don't miss. it
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>> finally tonight he's the voice of radio in our region donny simpson celebrating 40 years on ir earlier today fox news joined us from the radio station magic 102.silver spring and squhad accomplishment he was most proud of in his ledge sdairy career. >> i think the thing i'm most proud of is the
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respect that i'm shown for you guys to have me on air today to show a piece like that. it's like that is hardest things to accomplish in life to me and it only comes with consistency over a long period of time and that's the thing i appreciate most and also i think it says that people under that i get that love and re suspect because i give that love and respect. i love people. so that's greatest accomplishment to me. >> and we love him back. incredible. the person you hear on the air is person he is in real life all the time you. >> exactly always so nice. >> he has manifested his own destiny by being a wonderful sglern absolutely. >> and did he say he and wife pam were celebrating 44th. >> 44t
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>> fifth grandchild on way in january. >> congratulations everybody. >> final five is next. ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017 outbacks. ends august 31.
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>> president trump calling for you yet again sound familiar worldwide leader is under attack for own response in charlottesville and ceo of camping company is forced to push back own comments. and local tragedy on board u.s.s. john mccain and kim jong-un is fixated even though he has missiles to show off and remember where you were 24 hours ago president trump w wrapping up rally in phoenix and went on attack from media to congress and members of own party although not by name.


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